Being young, queer, and navigating life at a transitional time


Here are the players —

Me — Shaina, Bronx born and raised. I’m the first to admit that I’m flawed.  I’m smart, ambitious, sensitive, giving, loving, a work in progress, a hopeless romantic.

Anita — potential “next”, grad student at Queens College for Applied Social Research, educational research fellow at a non-profit, sweet, mushy, smart, funny, beautiful, mesmerizing hazel eyes, has a hood streak in her, loved deeply by her friends, hardcore about school, looking into PhD programs, the best cuddler in all of the land, younger than I would prefer.

JR — my ex-fiancée, Chicago born and raised, somewhat of a hippie, artist (writer, performing poet, musician). She’s smart, moody, funny, observant, sweet, needy yet independent, strong personality. 

I have an army of family members who I’m very close to and will probably show up in posts.  I have a mom and stepdad (not so close to them), a dad and stepmom (who I love more than life and who are so supportive of me emotionally), three sisters (aged 21,19, and 14) and three brothers (aged 15, 10, and 6).

I also have a circle of sister friends who I love and adore.  They are definitely my sister spirits.

M — Basketball player from Albany, unlucky in love, we have a bond that people don’t understand but that is very dear to me

A — My sister from Atlanta, older and wiser, married to the love of her life “Charlie”, I’ve never actually met her in real life only online and via phone but she’s so wonderful and confident and everything I hope to be one day

K — Diplomatic security officer, army vet, married to a NYPD detective and has a son who’ll be 1 yrs old in August, very confident and very blunt but very protective of me and our friendship.

KD — One of my more interesting friendship stories, she’s kind of a hippie, our love lives are mirror images of each other, she’s a doula and an activist for reproductive freedom, and a hopeless romantic.

Nic — Ivy League grad (Penn and Columbia), super smart and sometimes pretentious but I love her anyway :), she’s sweet, naive about life, funny, currently works in finance but a hippie at heart (sings like an angel).


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